There are thousands of altcoins there but POTCOIN is one of the few that actually has the following down:

  • Actual real life use – marijuana industry banking and transactions. Bigtime partners in weed industry.
  • Marketing. These guys have Dennis Rodman on the payroll, ffs.
  • Quality developers that keep improving the platform.
  • POTCOIN can be bought through PayPal
  • POTCOIN is coming out with Phase 2.0 in 2018 Q1

So all that being said, POTCOIN should be a sure bet?

… Well no.

Dennis Rodman talk in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Yesterday, 13.12.2017, Dennis Rodman went to The Late Show to promote Potcoin and the coin was expected to sky rocket to the moon. Whales were in it, the public crowd was aware, Twitter was going nuts. But what happened? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The coin actually dropped in value.

What does it mean for POTCOIN?

Nothing. They have a solid platform and as both, marijuana legalization and crypto awareness is raising in the community it will slowly grow and find it’s niche audience.

Moral of story

Don’t follow every piece of hype