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Week #6 Report: -16.85% Loss Through Bearish Week

Hello and welcome back to my weekly trading report! We’re looking at another week of no profit as the market is still recovering but honestly, I’m not worried about it. Previous years it took 40-50 days to recover from “Massacre of January”. Besides, this is a great time to buy in, in matter of fact that’s exactly what I did. Took some salary leftovers that I would usually spend on booze or entertainment and put it into crypto instead. This does mess up my total gains number a little, but to simplify things I’m going to reset the ‘total...

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Grab or Pass? Litecoin Review & Price Prediction

Welcome to my new series of “Grab or Pass?” Where I will be evaluating coins based on whether they are possibly a profitable investment decision. So the reviews will always be oriented sketched slightly from the perspective of a trader, rather than an elitist crypto elitist (whatever that means). The goal is not to go technical but make it easier for new potential investors make their decision. What is Litecoin? What does the future hold for it? Litecoin is the OG of altcoins. Litecoin is the oldest coin still serving a real world use since Bitcoin. Due to being the...

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