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Most Important Signals for Bitcoin June-July

Futures close on 29 June and traders are expected to go long Japan’s biggest social network to lunch their own crypto exchange Indian bank Kotak Mahindra is using blockchain technology Malta, Europe to legalise three cryptocurrencies related laws   So, there you have it. Do your own due diligence but I’d be pretty bullish right...

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4 Cents to Transfer 289 Million USD. The Real Bitcoin Case Use (Hint: Institutional Money)

It’s been speculated for a long time now whether Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a spot in the current financial sector or not. And the most often asked question is Why would any large companies use Bitcoin or any cryptocurrencies when the existing fiat model is working just fine? Well, as they say: Money speaks. You can ask any bank how much it would cost to send a 289 Million USD transfer. Not to mention the time and safety of such deal.   And here we have an anonymous wallet doing just that for only 0.04$.   It’s really hard...

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