I really don’t want to turn this into a gossip blog but this truly gets on my nerves and this damages the crypto community as a whole. I present to you the subject, “Crypto Sarah”:

A man pretending to be a woman trader on social media.. 12k followers in 2 weeks!


Socialblade metrics

Socialblade metrics shows that this is only a 2 weeks old account. 12k followers in 2 weeks???

“About her” – crypto woman trader

She claims to be a crypto woman trader and seems to make a huge following out of the fact that she is woman. That’s all.

Proof she is a fake

If we’re to use Google image reverse search or Tinyeye image search we can see that 22,700,000+ results show up. And not a slight sign of genuine anywhere. The girl in the picture is unknown for me but she’s been used as a very standard average use for describing a “pretty girl with brown hair and blue eyes” apparently. Really lazy catfish.

Her agenda? Her motive?

At the first glance it’s hard to tell but she’s very deeply invested in promoting XVG and TRX which are both very scammy coins. “She”‘s either a bagholder who got in too late or just a paid shill for either of the companies. Would not surprise me one bit. Agenda: Fool the naive, cheat people who don’t know crypto very well and in general just make the whole crypto community look like a sham-scam. She also advocates a telegram group for signals but I haven’t investigated that.

… oh and the final verdict on Verge(XVG)? It’s trash. It’s a marketing gimmick that promises to be a privacy coin but does a very poor job at it compared to ANY other privacy coin. Avoid.

I can imagine if nobody would call “her” out on such bullshit “she” then would continue to become a crypto celebrity and life off this quite easily.