Welcome to my project, The Coin Blog aka the Gains Train, which is a cryptocurrency trading blog/journal where I analyze different coins and also transparently show how I am going from 3 figures to 6 figures. Or lose it all over some bad calls. I’ve also been keeping a weekly report where I display my portfolio switches, trades and changes in reports: week 1, week 2 and week 3.

Crunching the numbers for December:

  • Initial investment: 765$
  • Current stack: 2616$
  • Trades done: 32
  • Buy trades: 15
  • Profit this month: 241.96%

As you can see we’ve more than tripled, in fact, more like quadrupled our initial deposit. Despite week 2 being a disastrous one, we’ve made a solid progress.

Some of the portfolio changes through out the month:

Week 1


Week 1


Start of Week 3


The Crappiest portfolio I had at one point, Week 2


Big 2k milestone


Here we are now

My advice to newbie investors:

    1. Pick a strategy: Either you are a day trader or a long HODLer. This is important.
    2. Do your research x10: Look up every detail, look up every piece of white paper information, look up at market trends and demand, look at each specific team member. Assess if the product has any real life use, assess it’s competitors, it’s market trends
    1. Only invest money you can afford to lose, period. This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is the technology of future. Think about the dotcom boom, it will not last forever. Think of it like this: do you want to be an Apple stock holder (early adapter) or you want to be an Apple product user (everybody, apparently)
    2. Don’t sell at loss, period. IF you did your research properly and have faith in your chosen currencies then don’t be freightened by it’s sudden fall. Crypto is extremely volatile and unstable, but look at ‘all time graphs’ and you’ll see in top 100 coins there is a not a single coin that hasn’t grown more than 1000% the past two years. What sort of a bank can give you such a return? Hold and wait it out.


My investment strategy:

I use a speculative strategy based on research and coin’s marketability. I don’t believe in classic trading formulas such as reading graphs or charts. I don’t really care that much for a coin’s circulating supply or it’s practical use to be honest. I follow my principles and use my strengths. I don’t pretend to be a software developer assessing a Blockchain-technology whitepaper, let’s face it, this shit is complex and that’s coming from a guy with computer sci background who used to sell cybersecurity solutions.

Some of my trading principles:

  • Never sell at loss
  • Never buy at All Time High
  • Never follow the hype (if you read about a coin on Facebook or Reddit then it’s already too late)
  • Diversify, so if you fail with a pick or two, you don’t lose all you have and can still recover later

And that’s it. I spend most of my free time researching coins, websites, the trends, the markets over a large amount of exchanges.

Exchanges used:

I think this is a a huge factor, choosing a platform which lists coins early, has good volume will give you a very good advantage in catching the best upcoming coins. I’d recommend the following ones: Kucoin, Binance, Cryptopia. Each exchange has a different variety of coins so it’s a good idea to have account everywhere. It’s time-consuming but it’s worth it.

Plans for next month:

I’m trying to trade less, because more trades means more risk. Daytrading is extremely dangerous and I am just going to buy some bags of coins that I hope to blow up in near future, take double of profits and move on. In theory, very simple. In practice, very frustrating. There are a lot of coins to follow but here are the ones I’d recommend you to keep your eyes out for: VeChain, Xtrabytes, Stellar. Three extremely solid technologies, look it up and thank me later.

Final note

Thanks for reading through this. I try to keep my reports short, provide graphs and provide actual results. Fully transparent. Honest and admitting to my mistakes. Please subscribe to my mail list and follow me on Twitter to keep up with my new reports and tips. I keep this blog free, i don’t sell premium signals but I do occasionally have an affiliate link here or there but these are the tools I use myself and they don’t harm anybody, but help me greatly. Besides, I don’t really get the logic of selling “premium signals” – aren’t traders supposed to be able to profit from their own trades, no? Anyhow… All the best for 2018 crypto marines.

Used tools for my graphs: Coinparator and AmCharts.