Recap from last week:

It’s been quite the rough market the past two weeks but settled for taking losses last week and ended up with the following stack:

Ending the previous week with this miserable stack

And as you can see that’s a whole lot of red. 4/4 poor decisions. Weeks like this build character and solidify that there is no such thing as overnight riches and you can and will get burned if you gamble recklessly. Research, research, research with good timing and a good amount of luck is needed to succeed here.

Opinions on chosen coins last week in hindsight:

Honestly, all the projects seem solid with all proper criteria to succeed in future (except for TSL, this one shall be known as a shitcoin from now on) but as an agressive, short-term trader good amount of these coins are just not good for trading. These are for HODLing. Unfortunately, HODL isn’t my current strategy. But I’m definitely growing a better “sense” in what is more tradeable.

Start of this week:

To start the week off I broke my own golden trading rule:

Never sell at loss. I actually sold the coins from last week at a -30% loss, ouch!

Cutting losses and chose these three to start my week off

As you can see I changed 3/4 of the coins, keeping only FUN. Call it a hunch but I am a believer in FUN. As you can see at this point I started the week at 741$.  And it really, really didn’t help that Bitcoin and large majority of altcoins most of the week decided to take a nosedive around the holidays. BTC dropped to 12,000 and whole top 100 coins, except for XRP, were red for a solid two days in my memory. Ouch!!!


Not to bore you guys too much with all the details, let me show you the bombs:

Caught this handsome train, possibly sold a few moments too early but I’m very happy to take the profits I did. This was Thursday

And remember when I said I have a good hunch about FUN earlier? BOOM!

And FUN delivers!! Saturday night profits. Honestly, this could’ve been kept for a longer HODL but very happy with the profits

And the final portfolio at end of the week #3:

The stack at end of the week. ITC delivering and I am not selling!!

The numbers:

  • Starting $ this week: 741$
  • Final $ this week: 1371$
  • % Change this week: +85.02%
  • % Change in lifetime total: +79.10%


Final words: We’re not rich, still just pennies but I like the pace we’re moving at. Join the movement. We’re learning as we move. Growing the balls of steel, the wrists of iron and hands of stone. Not spoiling the plans for next week yet 😉