Welcome back. I published my first weekly report at 5th December and have gone through some ups and downs in that time but I’ve kept at it. I also published my monthly report at 31 December.

The Mission of This Blog?

I am planning to track my crypto trades ever week and publish them here in the hopes to exposure crypto world to more of the general audience and try to show people that:

  1. Crypto is not a scam
  2. It is not too late to start
  3. You don’t need much to start

But that being said, please do your own research and don’t invest money you can’t afford to lose. I hope you find my reports interesting. I try to keep these short of fluff, not promote any products or premium signals and include proof and graphs. I use Coinparator to track my investments.

Recap from last week

By end of last week this is the portfolio I ended up with:

Last week’s portfolio

Out of these four coins… all of them decided to grow but at the time being MUSIC and BAT were stalling and I had to sell them at a loss. Ouch. But I had a lot of faith in ITC and XLM.

This week’s portfolio throughout the week

The week started amazingly, I did some adjustments and sold ITC at 5$ (even tho it did raise to 8$ but no regrets here)

The ITC Gains

And out of these… WISH triggered a spike-sell-limit for me and did this:

Make a wish

And now after selling the profit gainers I make a whole new portfolio.. only to see it bleed.

Bought REQ, ZRX and DRGN at all time high and these started instantly bleeding…

But i have learned from my mistakes. #weakhands #stronghands. I have full faith in these and refuse to sell these gem mines. In matter of fact if you’re reading this now then I’d very strongly recommend buying these three captioned above.

WE HIT 3000$ !!!!!

And the gains just don’t stop….


And last but not least the portfolio right now, the last moment:

All green. Only green percentages in my table. 7 out of 7. YEAH!


The numbers you want to see:

Initial investment: 765$

Crypto worth last week: 1371$

Crypto worth this week: 3921$

Crypto % gains this week: +186.21%

Crypto % gains lifetime: +412.94%

What a week and a month it’s been. I’m grateful for everything and I hope you guys join the movement, #The Gains Train, by subscribing on my mail list and followe me on Twitter to be the first to find out about my new trades and updates!

Plans for next week?

When I started out I did few trades every day but as you may notice then last week my portfolio didn’t change this much. I’ve grown stronger hands. I plan to actually hodl these for now. If you check my monthly report you can see I had planned to minimize risk and that’s what I am doing now.

How to trail my picks?

I am currently running a small Twitter campaign: If you retweet my pinned Twitter post then I will DM you my current exact portfolio picks at that time. As easy as that.


What do you think fam, will we see 5 figures by end of this year? Leave a comment.