Hello and welcome back to my weekly trading report.

This is not financial advice please follow at your own discretion.

Past week has been pretty rough for the whole market but this isn’t anything new. The sad part is if I hadn’t switched my last week’s portfolio I would be up by a $1000 or so as I had three mooners in that portfolio. But I decided to switch from strong tech to a very risky portfolio in hopes of bigger gains but it didn’t pay off this week. Sometimes win, sometimes lose.

The final portfolio hold last week

Portfolio throughout the week

Portfolio at day 1

Starting to switch things up…

DRP is wrongly written, is CEFS instead. FOMO’d myself into CEFS but sold instantly. Lost a lot in exchange transfer fees. Like $500 just thrown away.

Still not satisfied with my picks… Want to go riskier…

Discovered BLUE. Was happy.. until it started dropping hard and panic sold. Didn’t use reason and didn’t see that the whole market was about to enter some truly grim times

And now the colossal fuck up… Heading all the way down rabbit hole to straight shitcoins

We went from rock solid to complete garbage. This is day 4 and -1000$ so far.

The final portfolio on day 7: And still not satisfied… Going further down the rabbit hole….

Missing from this screen is a 308$ worth of unlisted coins. We did it. We dropped ALL solid coins and went to high risk strategy. And it did not pay off.


Main takeaways


This was a rough week and I did some truly bad decisions. As you might’ve noticed from my Twitter I haven’t signalled this picks either as I don’t recommend these to anybody. Truly high risk scenario and the market is currently taking a nosedive so I’m forced to bagholding these until market recovers. Otherwise, I’d have to sell at another -30% loss.

The biggest loss was just chasing coins from low volume exchanges and transfer fees. Easily 1000$ just to buying things overpriced and selling for too cheap to get rid of the previous coins due to lack of trading volume.

The numbers you want to see

  • Initial investment: 765$
  • Crypto worth last week: 3921$
  • Crypto worth this week: 2403$
  • Crypto % gains this week: -38.71%
  • Crypto % gains lifetime: +214.12%

What’s for the next week?

We’re nowhere near giving up. Risky decisions were made, it didn’t pay off this time so we’re going to wait and see how this goes.

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