Is Coinbase a scam? Is Coinbase legit?

First of all, let’s start by stating the obvious: is a legitimate exchange company that has been a front-runner in the crypto game for years. They operate fairly simple – they accept fiat and provide cryptocurrencies in return. For a small fee. Which brings us to our next point.

Coinbase Fees

  • Credit & Debit Card 3.99%
  • Buy/Sell within Coinbase 1.49%
  • Wire Transfer (US) 10$
  • Bitcoin Transaction fees: Unclear, high.

Coinbase deposit & withdrawal limits

  • Deposit limit starts with 500$ per week
  • Withdraw starts with 500$ per week

Most common problems

Coinbase, due to being very popular, is often extremely slow and sometimes transactions take much longer than they should. Also due to a large number of users, verification process also can take a while. And this is strictly followed up with:

Customer support

Unfortunately, Coinbase provides miserable customer support services. Not much to comment on that, tickets go unanswered for weeks.

General summary of can be seen below.