Recently due to a large influx of new potential investors, as a lot of you may have noticed, most of the bigger exchanges have shut down their new registrations. Well, worry not! I got a great solution for you and let’s jump straight into it! We’re reviewing a lesser known exchange called Coinexchange!

Is a scam?

Having used this exchange for a while let’s get this question straight out of the way: NO. No, this exchange is not a scam, in fact it barely has any bad reputation visible online.

How hard is it to get verified on the exchange?

As hard it is to enter your email. Voila and done.

What are Coinexchange withdrawal limits?

That’s the best part. N-O-N-E.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to get accepted (open)
  • No withdrawal limits
  • Good selection of altcoins
  • Has decent support


  • Sometimes very slow
  • Doesn’t have a lot of the top coins
  • Isn’t transparent about creators, no team members shown

Final verdict

Good to go. Honestly, great selection of altcoins and a really easy to use exchange is exactly what helps newcomers get started. Not much to say about this. Sign up today by clicking here.




Fast, easy, reliable

What more do you want from an exchange?

  • Safety
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Altcoin selection Review

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Honestly, it just works.


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