1. Where to turn USD into Bitcoin?


If you want to read in more detail how to buy Bitcoin then click here.

2. Trading Exchanges

First of all, it is very important to belong to exchanges that have a broad selection of underrated altcoins, that are safe and reliable, fast and open to registrations.
Too lazy to sign up to more than one? I’d say TWO as absolute minimum.

2.1 Why do you need several trading exchanges?

Because most people are way, way too lazy to transfer from one exchange to another thus you have:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Better selection
  • More opportunities

… Oh and the biggest reason? Due to the rapid overflow of new people all the popular ones either have closed down their registrations or are in the verge of closing them down. Better hurry up!

2.2 Recommended, safe exchanges

Bittrex (Closed registrations)
Binance(Occasionally open, worth to check it)
Cryptopia (Occasionally closed, but mostly open)

3. Portfolio trackers and watchlist

This is very important. You can’t succeed without measuring your efforts. Also, if you’ve done proper research, found some coins but can’t afford to invest in it have faith in it – add it to your watchlist! This saves a lot, a lot of time!

4. Chart analytics


5. Tools to perform your research

For bonus tips please refer to my cryptocurrency trading guide for starters.