Follow this advice at your own responsibility.

I’ve been asked about million times about how I choose the coins to invest in. Look, I don’t read into charts, I’m not a genius mathematician to do some number magic and I sure as hell am not a lucky person. I’m the type of a guy who would play roulette and in a 50/50 scenario I’d definitely end up on the green. That being said, my methodology is simple. I’m a professional marketer by trade and that’s what I do for a living: predict trends. Yup, as easy as that.

So… how do you predict the next upcoming wave?

Lo’ and behold. I present you my million dollar strategy in a simple checklist form. For free. See if the coin or token checks the following checkboxes:

– Relatively small market cap

Now, you might be tempted to pick a low priced coin like ADA or XRP but you have to realise that within their market cap it’s EXTREMELY difficult for it to rise more than 50%. So, what is a “relatively small market cap”? 1-100mil, depending on the project roadmap, target audience and marketing efforts.

– Small trading volume – combined with small total supply

Have you ever wondered why Ripple is priced at 2$ while Bitcoin is at 16,000$? Some basic economics. Supply and demand. 38 Billion coins versus 16 million circulating supply. There have been recently quite a few moonshots from some shitcoins, oops, I meant, large supply tokens, such as ADA and TRX that did massive gains but it’s just much easier to take a smaller MAX supply token. What is a good, small total supply? 1 to 25 mil.

– Authentic team members

Do your fucking research you lazyass. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook all the members. Join the discord, join the telegram and ask them personal questions. Ask about their credentials and background. If you get banned then this is a mission no go. A team, or a person, who does not go public, can not be held accountable. Nothing stopping him from scam exiting and there’s been quite a few scam exits now.

– Presentable and easy to digest product

Decentralized something-something open source something-something community project is nothing more than vaporware. AVOID. Sooner or later the people will understand these have no real world case use. All the niche coins, despite how stupid the niche is, even dentistry, are easy to show to masses as a practical technology. That’s what we want. A product. A technology.

– Actually invests in marketing – this is yuuuge

There are a lot of great coins out there, with great tech, great team, great site, great product, great niche. But nothing happens. Well, guess what. You forgot marketing. Nowadays I almost exclusively use marketing as my main decision maker.

  1. Do they have a presence in social media? Use to find out at what rate they are growing
  2. What is their reputation?
  3. Do they invest in marketing and have marketer(s) on board?

– Stable growth

Last but not least, you do not want:

  1. Dead, stagnated coins. No, no. Has to be growing.
  2. Moonrocketed coins. Look, any coin that has x20’d in recent past is a no-go. There have been some exceptions recently (PRL and XRB) but as a general rule of thumb it’s fucking stupid to buy something that just recently skyrocketed.


BONUS TIP #1: Go into the community Telegram, Discord, Slack or Subreddit and see how the people are. See if there’s some hardcore shilling going around. Then you can conclude that 1) they are idiots 2) that they are going to promote for free, which means it’s good.

BONUS TIP #2: If you already see a coin similar to this checklist but you see it constantly being mentioned on Reddit, 4Chan or Facebook and it has had more than 50%+ growth then stay away. This means you’re hopping on a wave only to get dumped. Don’t ride the wave, Every wave comes to an end.


That’s it. After filling this checklist you should have a very good understanding what is more likely to be picked up by the public. The more of this checklist get’s checked, the more likely it is that it will soon start to get extremely shilled and promoted – because don’t think you’re a genius. I sure as hell am not. If you and I found it, others will as well. People are always looking for “quick wins” and “moon missions” – it’s in their weak and pathetic nature. It’s not a fucking rocket science. It’s research, fundamental understanding of marketing and extremely basic economics.